Think Pink. Millennial Pink

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Think pink and more specifically millennial pink.  Blush pink has become such a common color in fashion.  Whether in pants, dresses, tops, or even Bridesmaid dresses, we are seeing blush pink everywhere.

Blush pink has been known recently as Millennial Pink, so if you hear anyone speak of millennial pink just know the chances they are referring to blush pink are quite high. While many are in love with the color a few tend to stay concerned with how the light color looks on a fair skin tone.  If you know me you may know that I refuse to not wear specific colors based on skin tone or hair color so I have a few tips to wear colors that you may not normally feel are flattering.

Tip #1

Choose to wear the color in a pant (like the one I have on from Elitaire).  This way your legs are covered and it is harder to tell how fair your skin may be underneath.  Extra Tip: Pair a white top with your pants to bring out any tan you may have, I promise it works.

Tip #2

Try something with a little more pattern, such as this playsuit.  When adding a pattern it tends to offset the color slightly in order to avoid clashing with your skin tone or hair color.

Tip #3

Instead of a piece of clothing try out millennial pink in an accessory, such as a pair of shoes.  I love these Dolce Vita shoes from Elitaire. Because this color is relatively neutral I find myself wearing these shoes all the time (check it out here, here, here, here, and here).  Like I said, I wear them often.

Tip #4

Instead of millennial pink try a sister color, something that is a little darker.  I think this dress would be a fantastic option if you plan to go this route.  Still in the millennial pink family but just a slight deeper color.

Tip #5

Two words…Self Tan.  Not only is self tan super easy to apply, it is also better than sitting out in the sun for hours damaging your skin.  I personally prefer to use Loving Tan, there are no streaks and it gives you the perfect bronzed look.

Tip #6

My last and final tip relates more towards those who do not love the contrast between their hair color and the color of choice (millennial pink).  My best recommendation is to pull your hair back in a ponytail.  This pulls the hair off of the top or dress making the contrast a lot less noticeable.

I love using these tips so that I can wear my favorite colors. These tips not only apply to millennial pink but also work great when it comes to yellow.  As a blonde, finding the perfect “yellow” can be difficult but with these tips is made easier!

Enough about yellow though…and back to millennial pink, let me know what your favorite way to wear this color trend is?


Katelyn Moshier


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