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Travel has become a love of mine and I am constantly feeling the travel bug, which is why we tend to venture to New York as often as possible.  After several flights a year I have perfected my in-flight essentials.  No matter how long the flight may be I always have these items in my personal item.  Speaking of personal item, my current favorite is the Everywhere Bag from Away, it has so many pockets and fits everything I need.

Beauty Essentials

Hand Sanitizer: Germs are everywhere in an airport and especially on an airplane so it is always good to have hand sanitizer easily accessible.

Face Wipes: Depending on when your flight may be there is a chance you will have makeup on when you first take off.  The best thing for your skin is to make sure to take off all your makeup when flying, especially long flights.

Face Lotion: The air in the plane is recycled meaning it is a dry environment and can cause your skin to be dry so it is always a great idea to moisturize in flight.

Eye Cream: For the same reason you need a face lotion you need an eye cream as well.  My under eyes tend to suffer on flights so I always have this with me.

Hand Lotion: And for the exact same reason you need the face lotion and eye cream you will most certainly need a hand lotion.  Dry and cracked hands are not fun so a hand lotion is a good in flight essential.

Under Eye Gels: I love doing some skin care during my flights.  Whether traveling in the early hours of the morning or late at night I feel under eye gels to be so refreshing.

Sheet Mask: I know people may look at you funny if you spend part of your flight with a sheet mask on, but I promise that your skin will thank you.  I usually go for a super hydrating mask in flight.

Toothbrush/ Toothpaste: While you may not always need a toothbrush and toothpaste if you plan to take any overnight flights it is a great addition to have on hand just in case you need it.

Deodorant: Honestly, it is just good hygiene to have some deodorant close by just in case.  Whether the flight is unbearably hot or you are travel for several hours, it can’t hurt to pop a deodorant in your bag.

Tech Essentials

Air Pods: I love using my Air Pods to listen to music on my phone when traveling.  It is so easy and convenient.  They are always a must for me when traveling.

Headphones w/ traditional headphone jack: I have made this mistake once and I will not make it again.  When flying with certain airlines there is the opportunity to watch movies in flight but unfortunately they do not have Bluetooth capability so you will need your old school headphones.

Laptop: You should never check your laptop in your suitcase, so if you plan to bring a laptop on your trip the only place for it to be is your personal item.

Laptop Charger: Especially when a layover is possible it is good to have a charger just in case.

Phone Charger: To be truthfully honest I always have a phone charger with me because you never know when you will need it.  And as for getting around new places having a fully charged phone is important.

Camera: If you are bringing a camera your personal item is the safest and most convenient place for it to be.  You do not want to arrive at your destination with a broken camera.


Socks: You ALWAYS need a comfy pair of socks for a flight.  They keep your feet safe from germs and warm when the flight is a little too chilly.

Makeup: If you are planning to start exploring the second you land then having a small bag of makeup essentials is a good idea for in-flight. I recommend cream products as they can all be applied easily and without the need of too many brushes.

Sunglasses: Personally I find it best to bring at least one pair of sunglasses with me on the flight.  This way I do not have to go digging in my suitcase for them when we land.

I am forever thinking about my next trip.  Whether a new destination or New York for the 15th time, traveling is some of the most exciting adventures you can have.  So here is hoping your next in-flight travel has been made more enjoyable! I know mine is when I stick to these essentials!


Katelyn Moshier

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