New York City Guide: Photo Locations

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“New York is the quietest city I know only amongst a million beating hearts could you still hear the cigarette burn on a balcony in Brooklyn.”

– Atticus

New York City has always been one of my favorite places, no matter how many visits you take there is something new to discover each time.  Did I mention everything is gorgeous? I figured as part of my New York City Guide series it would be time to share a few of the best photograph locations.

Specific Locations

9 Jay St: A must see location in Tribeca, this little area is rarely swarmed with tourists.  The skybridge in the background actually connects an amazing apartment and makes for unordinary photos.

E 42nd St & 2nd Avenue: With a lovely view of the Chrysler Building and quintessential New York City vibes, this is the perfect spot to enjoy the people and vehicles passing by and of course it makes for beautiful photos.  Tip: While on 42nd Avenue simply pass Second Avenue (heading towards First Avenue), you will see a staircase that leads to Tudor City Pl and the exact location for the perfect photos. More photos here.

Jeffrey’s Grocery (172 Waverly Pl): Nestled in the West Village which is the perfect area to explore if you are looking to avoid extremely tourist filled areas.  Jeffrey’s Grocery is a quaint little restaurant perfect for food and photographs.

Stuyvesant Street: Thanks to many bloggers before me I was able to discover a new favorite location. Between Greenwich Village and Soho is a fun corner with the most beautiful building decorated with all the vines your heart could desire.

71st Street Between Lexington and Third Avenue (Brownstones): 169 E 71st Street is the home to the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Apartment, while that brownstone has seen better days the ones directly across the street makes for a perfect backdrop to any New York City photograph.

Ralph Lauren Madison Avenue: When you have a love for Ralph’s coffee as much as I do you do not hesitate to take a photograph with the sign.  Although now I have realized it was a perfect location. While the windows at Ralph Lauren are always changing they are beautiful backgrounds for ideal photos.

General Areas

Park Avenue: Take a jaunt to the middle of Park Avenue and no matter what time of year the flowers or trees will make for a gorgeous background.  This is also the time to take advantage of any street style photography as it always turns out great in this area.

Soho: I recommend finding side streets that are a little more empty in order to get better photos (unless you enjoy hundreds of people in the background).  The buildings are from another time and the cobblestone streets are divine.

Brooklyn: Having spent only a small amount of time in Brooklyn I do not know too many exact locations but as you travel throughout Brooklyn exploring all it has to offer there are so many places to stop and take a few photos.  I recommend walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and taking a few photographs on your way to Brooklyn.

Central Park: Need I say any more? Every spot is beautiful.  A huge park located in the middle of a busy city will always make for a great photo.

Subway Stations: Looking for a photograph location that screams New York City? What is more NYC than a Subway station? Whether you are standing by the entrance, walking down the stairs, or while the actual subway is passing by the possibilities are endless.

Wherever you choose to stop and take photographs in New York City the chances are there are no wrong locations, everything is beautiful and the more you walk and explore the more beautiful places you discover.


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