New York City Guide: FlyNYON Doors-Off Helicopter Experience

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“New Yorkers are born all over the country, and then they come to New York and it hits them: Oh, that’s who I am.”

After many travels to the city I have started to look for adventures that are new and inspiring.  Whether that involves exploring different places, enjoying a museum, or facing my fears and experiencing New York from a completely different perspective.

Many of the typical “touristy” tasks I have already checked off my list, at least the ones that I have found worth the time and money.  Although one activity that I have always dreamed of experiencing was a helicopter ride over the city but I had no information about it.

Of course, I took to Instagram scouting out businesses that possibly do such a thing, even perusing the social media accounts of my favorite influencers to see if they have tried something similar.  Eventually I found FlyNYON (thankful for sponsored ads and Instagram knowing what I wanted to see) and it was love at first sight.

FlyNYON is described as “the ultimate doors-off helicopter photo experience” and after having that amazing experience I can fully agree. While this is probably the most expensive activity we have ever done in New York (except for the Knicks games) it was worth every single penny and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I do want to share a little information about FlyNYON that I think is helpful when deciding if this is something you are looking to experience.

Doors-Off Helicopter Rides

Have you ever hung your feet out of a helicopter flying over Manhattan? If this answer is no, but you would love to do that then the Doors-Off option should be your pick.  There are two options NYC Experience (16-19 minutes) and NYC Classic (30-33 minutes).  Detailed information about each flight and what landmarks they venture to see are on the FlyNYON website.

Doors-On Helicopter Rides

Maybe sticking your feet out of a helicopter is not your personal preference but you would still love to experience New York City from the sky, doors-on might be a better option for you.  The options for Doors-On flights include NYC Intro (12-15 minutes), NYC VIP (24-27 minutes), and NYC Grand (36-39 minutes).

Buy Now Schedule Later

Know you will be traveling to New York City soon but unsure on the exact date? Or maybe you have yet to schedule all the activities of your trip but know you want to include FlyNYON in your plans? Buy Now Schedule Later is a great way to purchase your tickets for the particular helicopter ride you want without committing to the exact date and time yet.  FlyNYON often have discounts on tickets so when you see a 50% off sale then grab those tickets and schedule your flight at a later date (some restrictions do apply).

Car Services

As you venture through the checkout process you will be prompted with a few Add-On options such as Weather Insurance, Shoe-Selfie Seat Guarantee, and Car Services.  Let’s focus on Car Services, the cost is a flat rate and honestly sounds expensive but it includes your transportation to FlyNYON (Kearney, NJ) and back.  The most important aspect of the Car Services is that it guarantees you will be on time for your flight and even if you are late you will still be able to fly (not the case if you find your own transportation).  Did I mention that we actually saved money this way as it was cheaper than taking an Uber ourselves.

What to Wear

This would not be a kmoandjmo blog post if I did not include just a little information about what to wear.  In reality this is actually extremely important if you are choosing the Doors-Off Helicopter Experience as you will have the option to stick your feet outside the helicopter for a cool shoe-selfie photograph.  Avoid loose fitting clothing, bring a jacket if the weather is chilly as the temperature will be cooler while in the air.  And, most importantly wear shoes that are snug on your feet and will not fly off (they will check before take off).

New York is one of the most magical places in the world (at least to me) and having the opportunity to see its beauty from a helicopter was an experience I will never forget.  If you want to hear more about my personal flight experience let me know and I can share soon!


Katelyn Moshier

Edit: Helicopter Flights without doors do come with an aspect of danger, just like many activities in life. FlyNYON has incorporated new safety features to make these Doors-Off Helicopter rides safer. They use quick-release safety harnesses and require a safety briefing prior to take off.


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