Wearing a Blazer with your Entire Wardrobe


Finding words to explain the deep passion I have for blazers can be difficult.  It is like explaining your first real love.  While exciting and exhilarating, you are also looking for purpose and meaning but are too caught up in the moment.  The words to explain every detail seem to lag behind while you are consumed with love.

Yes, I just compared my first real love to blazers but I mean it.  Over the past several months I have fallen for blazers.  Although it took me until now to truly understand how vital a blazer can be to my ever growing wardrobe.

While I do not work a corporate job I do know the importance of blazers in the workplace.  Not boring, ill fitting blazers but something that brings style to an otherwise grey environment.

Realizing that blazers can be worn out of the workplace is an epiphany that I greatly appreciate.  Whether you need a blazer for work or simply love the style, know that they pair well with most of your wardrobe.  Dresses, jumpsuits, jeans, and even shorts a blazer can add a chic vibe to whatever you are wearing.  They can even been worn as dresses or as a top.

What is your favorite way to wear a blazer?


Katelyn Moshier

Photography: Lucky Arrow Photography *Thank you so much Erin for this amazing photography, I am so glad the trees were blooming and we were able to catch these moments. I love them.

Outfit Details: Elliatt Dress (Elitaire Boutique), The Fifth Label Blazer (Elitaire Boutique), Jaggar The Label Sandals (Elitaire Boutique)


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