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“Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be”

-Gossip Girl

Over the years I have been working on blog posts, YouTube videos, and Instagram but one thing I felt I was lacking was sharing something of my own.  Something I worked hard to design, make, or create.

Because of this, we are now selling t-shirts designed by yours truly.

The goal was to create shirts that would not only be loved; but also shirts that meant something to be personally, or simply made someone think “oh yeah, that makes sense for Katelyn to design”. With that being said, each shirt we will be selling has a meaning.

Kmo & Jmo

Obviously, there was a need for a Kmo & Jmo shirt.  Being this is the name of my blog I figured it was fitting to include this.

Bonjour New York City

I wanted a shirt that showed my love for New York City but also the joy I have for Paris.  I felt the French provided the joy and the New York City provided the love.

Hello Friends

If you have been following along on YouTube you may have noticed how often I say “Hello Friends” “Well Friends” “Okay Friends” and “Goodbye Friends” and have recently started all my videos with the phrase “Hello Friends”.  I felt this covered the area of YouTube and made it special.

Fashion Weeks

While I have never been to any Fashion Week it is one of my biggest dreams to attend one day (fingers crossed).  I also figured since this was a “fashion” blog it made since to have a fashion related shirt.

Coffee and Champagne

Honestly my two favorite drinks.  Coffee in the morning and Champagne whenever is acceptable.  I couldn’t design shirts without including at least one that mentioned either coffee or champagne, so I combined the two.

Emméne-moi a Paris

The love for the French language is big, and while I only know very few phrases I felt emméne-moi a Paris was perfect.  If French is not something you know well, it means Take me to Paris…and what is not to adore about that.

I hope you all love the shirts, you can purchase by following the link here and if you live in the Huntsville area they will be sold at Elitaire Boutique starting tomorrow (February 15).  If you want to see the shirts in action be sure to watch the launch video (here).

Let me know which is your favorite and which color shirts you would like to see in the future.


Katelyn Moshier



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