2019 Goals

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“Life is short, the world is wide, and I want to make some memories”

-Mamma Mia

Ending the year writing down my goals is quite normal, sharing those goals on the internet is not.  Typically I keep my goals to myself because if I don’t meet them I hate sharing my failure.  Instead of being scared of what people will think if I fail, I am sharing my goals in hopes of inspiring others to meet their 2019 goals.


Surpassing 1,000 subscribers would be such a great feat for me personally.  But since I can not control who subscribes to my channel the actual goal is to upload consistently and always provide quality content.  I am going to upload at least once a week throughout 2019, with a few extra special videos here and there.


This will be the year of fitness for me.  Back in 2017 I started my year strong working out (on average) 5-6 times a week but only made it through September.  2018 was not the best year for fitness…and now as far as 2019 goes I plan to not only average 5 workouts a week but also stick to eating healthy. I will be sharing my journey with fitness on YouTube and the blog so be sure to follow along.


Traveling to Mexico, New York, New York, Paris, New York, New York, and Chicago was a great way to live in 2018 but I want to add variety to my travels this year.  In reality, I don’t have a huge preference on where we go, I just want to go.


Consistency.  Recently I have been working on upping my Instagram game and sharing more with my audience each week, I hope to continue this throughout the new year.  I will also be working on my Instagram Stories, sharing more of my daily life with anyone who wants an insight.


Probably the most important goal for me personally involves the blog.  To say I enjoy creating content would be a large understatement.  We will start the new year with two blog posts a week but I have plans to upgrade to three a week once we hit the 2nd Birthday for the blog so be sure to stick around, follow along, and prepare for the best year of content yet.


I have always longed to create an editorial vibe on Instagram and the blog, this year I want to make this dream a reality.  Focusing more on the story behind the pictures, the posts, and the videos.  I want to live in a creative 2019 where I can do anything and share more of my creative side with my audience.

I started this post with a simple quote from Mamma Mia, and I have decided it will be my motto for the year.  With life comes changes, some that you put into action yourself and some are unexpected.  Fortunately, no matter where change comes from, good or bad there is still a world of opportunities and ways to make the most amazing memories.  So here is to 2019, I can not wait to start making memories in this wide world.


Katelyn Moshier

Photography by: Kelsey Crawford

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