Traveling in Style

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Dreams do come true and if you are like me many of your dreams involve travel (I know, I’m talking travel two weeks in a row but I just can’t help it).  If you are reading this the day it goes up on the blog I will be living out one of my dreams.  Because I am in Paris, France and I honestly could not be more thrilled.  As excited as I am, there is one important factor when it comes to travel and that is packing.  Whether you love it or hate it, I am here to share how I packed for my trip to Paris and what made it so easy, fun and of course stylish!


If you know me, one of my biggest travel fears is having my luggage lost.  A very real fear especially when you have planned every outfit meticulously. So I ALWAYS have a carry-on.  I have become quite the pro when it comes to fitting everything I need in one suitcase. My carry- on luggage of choice is Away and it is seriously the best luggage I have ever had. I have it in pink, of course!

Checked Luggage

While I always have a carry-on, I have recently felt the need to have a checked bag as well.  I know what you are thinking, “I thought you just said you are afraid of losing your luggage” and I am but I have a system.  I have packed all the important clothing pieces in my carry-on and left all the hair products, toiletries, casual clothing and extra shoes for my checked bag.  This way if my luggage is lost for a few days all the items within my checked luggage can be purchased when I arrive at my destination.  Once again, Away is my luggage of choice and since this is my checked bag and will be thrown around under the plane I went with a black.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the world’s best invention when it comes to travel.  I have had many different brands of packing cubes but my current favorite are the ones from Away.  I decided to purchase the set of six because I knew I could easily use all six.  If you have not been introduced into packing cubes they are perfect.  A great way to organize your luggage, keeping items separate and protected! I also find it easier to pack more into my luggage when using them!


Like I said, I am very paranoid about my luggage being lost so I decided to invest in a Tile.  If you have never heard of a Tile it is a great device that can be used to locate items.  Many people use them for keys and purses but I decided to use one for my carry-on just in case it had to be checked and one for my checked luggage.  This kept me at ease and I always knew when my items were close by.

Airport Attire

As I ventured to the airport for my first ever International flight I had to take some time to determine what I was going to wear.  Typically I choose a cute outfit when flying because once we get off the plane I am ready to go explore but this was a little different.  Since we were traveling for several hours and it was an overnight flight I wanted to make sure I was comfortable so I chose my favorite Lululemon leggings, a comfortable ABLE t-shirt from Elitaire, a simple jacket, and my Gucci Sneakers.  A comfortable but cute look!

Traveling is such an exciting adventure and I could do it all the time if it were possible.  I could be a professional traveler.  Everything I have written about above has helped keep the packing fun and exciting too but one last tip I have is write everything down.  I always make lists of every single item I plan to pack in my personal item, carry-on, and checked luggage.  This is the best way to avoid forgetting anything!

So good luck packing for your next trip! And I can’t wait to see where I travel next!


Katelyn Moshier

Outfit Details:
Blazer (Elitaire Boutique; The Fifth Label), Tank (Sezane; sold out but linked similar), Jeans (Levi’s), Shoes (Roger Vivier)

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