Cruise Essentials

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If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I recently spent some time cruising and enjoying the sunshine, which I do not do often.  Not only did I get to start my March off with a cruise to Mexico, we were celebrating the Bride to be, Brooke.  It was such a fun few days.

While the cruise was so much fun it reminded me that I should share some Cruise Essentials.  I looked all over Pinterest to find what I should take on a cruise, as I have not been on one in almost 6 years.  But, I did not find very many informational posts about how to cruise, so I figured I would share what I learned.

Starting with the all important Travel Needs.  You will need a passport, boarding pass, cash, and credit card.  Some cruise lines will allow you to sail without a passport, although I recommend having one just in case.  It is better to be prepared than not.

Next, the typical toiletries will be needed. I wanted to pack completely in a carry-on so I chose to make sure that all the liquids I brought were under 3 oz. I recommend bringing Shampoo/Conditioner, Body Wash, Face Wash, Face Oil/Serum/Lotion (whatever your preference), Sunscreen (très important), and Advil/Aleve/Ibuprofen (just in case).  Many of these items can be purchased on the cruise ship, so in case you do forget something they should have it!

Now, for the items you do not always think about…

For the Pool/Beach/Sun

Beach Towel: The cruise ship will provide but I personally like to have my own beach towel

Flip Flops: For showering, walking around, and pool use

Sunglasses: You do not want to develop crows feet or forehead wrinkles from squinting in the sun so I highly suggest a pair of sunglasses

Hats: Cute but functional, always good to protect your face from the sun

Coverups: It is important to have a coverup on when walking around on the cruise ship, something simple and easy to throw over your swim suit

Swim Suit: I recommend bringing a few, that way you do not have to put on a wet swim suit each day

Cruise Fashion

Formal Attire: Typically there is at least one formal dinner on the cruise, and correct attire is required

Pajamas: When going on a cruise or any vacation at all sometimes we forget that sleep happens and we need something comfortable to wear

Shorts: Especially if you plan to explore one of the ports you are stopping at, having a comfortable pair of shorts to wear is ideal, bonus points if they are cute

Bright Colors: You are on a cruise, which happens to be the best time to bring out your brightest fashion pieces and show them off

Avoid Black: You are not going to New York City and it is not the middle of winter so leave the black wardrobe at home, just this one time (unless you are wearing it for a Bachelorette Trip)

2 Outfits A Day: I highly recommend at least 2 cute/nice outfits for each day except the day you leave and the day you return.  I learned this the hard way and did not have enough outfits!

Sweatshirt: At night and early in the morning it tends to get a little chilly.  I would suggest bringing at least 1 sweatshirt or jacket to keep you warm

Last Day Attire: In order to avoid waking up the last morning without anything clean to wear, I suggest putting an outfit in a Ziploc bag and saving it for the day you leave the cruise. Include undergarments, socks, etc.

Random Needs

Mini Flashlight: In case of emergencies, having this could be essential.  It is good to keep right next to your bed at night, always good to be prepared

Portable Phone Charger: While you will not be using your phone often, having a charged phone is important.  Another in case of emergency moment, but being able to use your phone if you need is important

Extra Ponytail Holders: I am always losing ponytails, so when it is hot outside you can never have too many backups

Surge Protector: There are not many outlets in the rooms (our room had 1) and everyone will want to have a fully charged phone and fix their hair for dinner so I highly recommend a surge protector to help this issue

Water Bottle: It is so much better to fill up a large water bottle as opposed to ordering water every few minutes!

Polaroid Camera: There are so many fun photo opportunities on a cruise and having a polaroid camera is a must!

Cruises can be so fun as long as you are prepared.  If you plan to drink, purchase the drink package.  If you plan to lay in the sun lather the sunscreen on every 30 minutes.  If you feel you are burning get out of the sun immediately.  If you do burn, use a lot of Aloe.  And if you go on a cruise, have a lot of fun, laugh a lot, and enjoy your vacation!


Katelyn Moshier



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  1. I love this! I’m really looking into cruise related posts. I truly want to know everything that I need to know. This was perfect for what I should take when I go.

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