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If you ask anyone who is close to me in my life right now what my favorite music is their response will most likely be “Any song on the Fifty Shades Soundtracks”. And I would have to say that this is a very correct and accurate statement.

I have never been one to really love music, I have never even been to a concert before. So music really is not my thing.  You will usually only hear me listening to the current popular songs or songs from the 2000s or possibly Lucky by Brittney Spears because that is pure perfection.

Although recently…the Fifty Shades Freed Soundtrack has my whole heart. I have probably listened to the whole thing at least 15 times, it has become my background music for everything that I do. And I mean everything.

Early last year when Fifty Shades Darker came out I fell in love with the movie but I could not convince Jmo to go see it more than once or anyone else I knew so I started listening to the soundtrack.  I instantly was head over heals and knew the words to all the songs. If you rode in my car with me last year between the months of February and June you heard the soundtrack for sure. My favorite song and our almost first dance song was Code Blue by The-Dream. This was the one wedding decision that Jmo wanted to make so I decided I could live with a different first dance song, but do not worry we still played it at the reception!

This year since I do not drive around as much anymore I play the music while in my room getting ready, working on blog posts, editing pictures, or perusing social media (I am listening to it right now). I am 100% sure that even my neighbors know the words to my favorite songs on the soundtrack. Which, if you were curious are For You by Rita Ora & Liam Payne, High by Whethan & Dua Lipa, Heaven by Julia Michaels, and Big Spender by Kiana Lede feat. Prince Charlez. Although I really love all of them!  I also find these songs to be quality working out music or walking around downtown music. So if you are looking for new workout songs or you have to walk to school or work, I highly recommend.

On a random note, I love listening to these songs using my AirPods.  I honestly do not think I have ever enjoyed earphones as much as I enjoy these.  They are wireless, fit in my ears perfectly, and have fantastic sound!

You all might be asking yourself “Katelyn why are you talking about your favorite songs, this does not seem to fit with the rest of your content on the blog”.  Well to answer your lovely question, sometimes I feel it is fun to give you a better insight into who I am as a person and different things I like because maybe you will like them too! So on occasion I may just surprise you with a random blog post about myself!

Now, go listen for yourself and tell me what you think!


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