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Recently the most amazing thing happened…I turned our second bedroom into my own personal closet/TV room/office.  And in all honesty I do not think I could be more happy about it.

This was such a big deal to me.  I have had a small closet for as long as I can remember and to have a whole room that is dedicated to my clothes is really just something special. For years I have looked through Pinterest at these beautiful closets and hoped that one day I would have the ability to make that happen for myself.

The biggest and most exciting piece in my closet is probably my Ikea Pax Wardrobe.  It took not only myself and Jmo but also our friends Matt and Kim to put it together and it took time.  It is exactly what I wanted and I could not be happier with how it came out.

If you want a more in depth look at everything in my closet be sure to check out my YouTube video that I have linked here.  I share every single item that is in my room, where I got it and more! It is worth the watch! So grab a glass of champagne and some popcorn and click play.

I have also linked all the items that I could find below in case you see something you love:

Ikea Pax Wardrobe : I customized the wardrobe to have the specific drawers and features that I knew would be beneficial in this room.

Ikea Hemnes 8 Drawer Dresser: I use this dresser for not only clothes but also makeup.

Ikea Hovet Mirror: This is the best full length mirror I have ever found, and it is a reasonable price.

Gold Frames: I found these lovely frames at Target and I think they work perfectly above my desk.

Bar Cart: While this is probably the most unused but cute item in this room, I really thought it added something extra to the decor.

Desk: I have had this desk for about a year now, it is simple and works for what I need it for.

Rug: I do not really love the color of my carpet in this room so I decided a pink rug could help.

Desk Chair: Who does not love a velvet pink desk chair? I found this one at Target and it matched the “theme” of the room perfectly.

Bench: I needed the matching bench to my desk chair, and I have been using it like a coffee table for the room and it works great.

Couch: You always need a seating area in your closet right? In all honesty I decided I needed a couch simply because I watch too much TV in this room and sitting on the floor was not comfortable!

Bar Cart Accessories: Paris Book, New York Book, Paris by Laduree, Bright Lights Paris, Champagne Glasses, Take Me To Paris Print, Champagne Print, Fashion Girl Print

I hope this gives some inspiration in case you are looking to revamp your closet or even turn an extra bedroom into a closet! I love everything about it and find myself spending a lot of time working, getting ready, and watching Gossip Girl in my new closet!  It was definitely worth it!


Katelyn Moshier

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  1. Hi there. Looking to do a similar ikea closet set up. Can you give me a range of what you paid or what i should expect to pay?

    1. I can’t remember exactly but I want to say it was around $1,000 to $1,500 but there is a tool on the IKEA website where you can build your own Pax Wardrobe system and add or take away drawers, etc. And that will tell you the price exactly! That’s what I did and I just added and took away pieces to change up the price and make it as least expensive as possible!

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