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“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great at whatever they want to do.” 

– Kobe Bryant

As January finally comes to a close we look forward to warmer days in hopes that February will feel short, and the arrival of Spring will be sooner than expected.  With everything that happens on a daily basis it is nice to look out the window and see a little sunshine knowing that all rainy days happen but sunshine will always come again.

In reality I haven’t been in the right head space to write anything.

But I am picking myself up choosing to not let fear or sadness lead the rest of my life and instead continue to do the things that make me happy, love the people around me, and pursue the dreams I have for myself.

“Dedication sees dreams come true.”

– Kobe Bryant

Something I realized was so fitting was the topic I was already planning to discuss this week, ABLE.  A brand that has worked hard and continues to strive for changes in the world every day.  If you haven’t heard of ABLE before it is not only an ethical fashion brand but it chooses to employ women in order to help educate and work towards ending poverty.  They believe that creating jobs will help to end poverty and realize the extreme difference between men and women’s wages, which is why women make up 95% of their staff.

ABLE does so much for not only their employees but is choosing to set a standard for the fashion industry itself.  ABLE chose to publish their lowest wages in order to show not only that their workers are paid a livable wage but to set a precedent for others in the industry to do the same.  Because who makes your things actually does matter.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed so while we are all out living life to its fullest and pursuing our dreams, it can’t hurt to give back a little while we do it.  Support your small local businesses, support brands who pay their employees livable wages, support your friends in their endeavors, and never give up on making the world a better place for the next generation.


Katelyn Moshier

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