Smile Brilliant: A Teeth Whitening Experience for Sensitive Teeth

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Coffee please.  While soda has been absent in my life for a bit now, coffee is not exiting my lifestyle anytime soon.  Unfortunately the most inconvenient side effect of drinking coffee (or soda) is the staining of your teeth.  It is sadly a fact we all know but typically ignore.

Over the past several months I began noticing my teeth were a little less white then in the past.  This prompted a solid reason for teeth whitening.  Not going to lie taking the time to whiten my teeth has never been something I had longed for until Smile Brilliant. In the past I have tried whitening strips and completely despised how difficult they were to use and how uncomfortable they were to wear for any amount of time.

Fortunately for me (and you), Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening is simple and painless.  Sensitivity was another concern I had for teeth whitening but after using the desensitizing gel I was pleasantly surprised with no pain.  Also, after several whitening sessions I was able to stop using the desensitizing gel and still had no pain.


The first step to getting started using the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening was making an impression (of your teeth) using the products provided in the kit.  Truthfully, I was nervous that it would not work out correctly even though they give you 1 extra set in case you make a mistake.  To my surprise after reading through the directions it was beyond easy to make my impressions.

I have been so pleased with the teeth whitening and how easy it was to incorporate into my night routine.  Each whitening session can take anywhere from 1-3 hours (depending on sensitivity) which sounds like a long time but when choosing to do at night, it’s easier than you think.  The trays used are comfortable to wear making the 1-3 hours glide by relatively fast.  I typically spent my time working on my French, as I have been consistently practicing my French every day for the past couple months.

Overall, I am so impressed with the results.  Even after the first session I noticed a difference and it just got better with time.  So happy that I gave Smile Brilliant a chance.  I am feeling confident and ready to take on my next photoshoot, vacation, and daily life when my bright smile.

Before/After Photos


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