The Best Ways to Stay Productive

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“Productivity is never an accident.  It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

– Paul J. Meyer

Have you ever wondered about the best practices for productivity? Whether you work from home, are starting a new business, blogging, or a stay at home parent the reasons to be productive start with less stress and end with living a better life.  With a lot of other benefits in between.

No matter your reason for productivity I have decided to share my top ways to becoming more productive.


Establishing a routine is critical for making the most out of each day.  Choosing to go throughout your day with the same routine will help your body get used to how and when important tasks need to be accomplished. Begin with a morning and night routine to help you start and end your day successfully.

Wake up Early

While I may not be the best at this simple task, waking up early can help provide more time to your day.  I have noticed when I start my day early, the more I will get done throughout the day.

Set Goals

It is hard to get excited about productivity when you do not have goals you are looking towards.  Personally I set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals that help me look forward to my most productive days.

Making Checklists

Daily checklists are some of my favorite ways to stay on task and continue my productive work day.  Typically I start each morning listing out all the tasks that must be accomplished before heading to bed.  This makes it easier to see what I need to do and it is always satisfying to cross a task off my list.

Difficult Tasks First

Some days this is not always easy.  In the past I would always complete the easier tasks first saving the harder, more time consuming tasks for the end of the day.  Over time I realized that I was never finishing the difficult tasks and instead pushing them to the next day because I was tired or it was simply too late in the day.  Now that I choose to complete the difficult tasks first I have noticed that I get more accomplished each day and enjoy more relaxation at night.

Working Out

The chances you have heard the statement “exercise builds endorphins” is relatively high.  I know we all love some classic Legally Blonde quotes.  The best part about this particular classic quote is how true it is.  Exercising is such a great way to get your day started, release those endorphins, and feel ready to take on the world.

(And living a healthy lifestyle is overall better for you despite the productivity).

Set Away from Technology

Technology, specifically Social Media has become such a large part of our lives that we tend to spend hours each day perusing through new content.  While I could never sit here and tell you “never get on Instagram” I do recommend setting apart specific time during the day to peruse Social Media in order to avoid over doing it too often or ruining your productivity.


One of the most important tips I can give is getting good sleep.  Just because you think you only need 2 hours of sleep each night does not mean that is true.  It has been statistically proven that you need adequate sleep in order to live a productive lifestyle.

Bonus: Batch Working

A little bonus tip is batch working, recently I was reading a blog post by Jenna Kutcher and was blown away.  I highly recommend giving her post a read (linked here) and trying out Batch Working, it is game changing.

Like I said, no matter your reason for productivity we can always benefit from living a less stressed life.  And you have to admit each time you have a productive day you end up feeling happier and you can not go wrong there.


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