Style Inspiration: Blair Waldorf

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“I’m not a stop along the way, I’m a destination.”

Blair Waldorf

Fashion is ever changing, trends will come and go but something that stands the test of time is style.  Style is the way you put your favorite pieces together and make it your own, it is personal.  Finding your personal style can take years but once you have figured it out, you feel more than accomplished.

Many people express themselves in different creative ways, for me my creative outlet is fashion.  Being able to show who I am through the way I style new and old trends is the best way to show the world who I am and who I want to be.

When it comes to my personal style I have definitely noticed I gather some inspiration from none other than Blair Waldorf.  Her way of dressing is classic, put together, but always fashion forward, and never lacking beautiful shoes.

While Gossip Girl may have ended several years ago, the style has yet to leave us, especially that of Queen B herself.  Speaking of B, a classic pink dress paired with a simply fantastic pair of heels, what is more Blair than this?

Looking for some Blair Waldorf inspiration? I recommend headbands, colorful outerwear, classic dresses,  and polished skirt and blouse combinations. And do not fret as I have left some fantastic recommendations below (and a Pinterest Board).  Get to shopping friends, Blair’s style is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Katelyn Moshier


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Colorful Outerwear

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Classic Dresses

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Gossip Girl Pinterest

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