Best Fashion Secret

We all have secrets…but as the famous saying goes “Secrets don’t make friends, and friends don’t make secrets”.  So I have decided to share my best fashion secret with you today.

Are you ready? My best kept fashion secret is…alterations.  There is nothing more unflattering than ill-fitting clothes so why not make sure they fit you perfectly.

I starting getting my clothing altered about a year ago.  I had ordered a two piece set from Nordstrom and the pants just did not fit me right, they were way to big in the waist, a common problem I have.  I LOVED this two piece set and refused to accept that it did not fit so I got it altered.  I had the straps of the top adjusted to fit perfectly and I had the pants taken in at the waist to fit so well it looked like it was made for me.

After how well that went I started getting everything altered.  I have had jumpsuits, jeans, pants, tops, dresses, and skirts all altered to fit me perfectly.  But even more recently I have started completely changing a piece of clothing to work better for me.

The top I am wearing used to be a dress.  I got this dress from Revolve but the dress just was not flattering on my body type.  I loved the top portion of the dress and wished it was a shirt, so I had it made into one.  I simply took it to my favorite alteration place (Lee’s Tailoring & Menswear) and asked if they could cut off the bottom portion and turn my dress into a shirt.  Now not only do I have a piece that is unlike any other, I will also be able to wear it more.

I love thinking outside of the box and I love making pieces work better for me.  I have shortened quite a few dresses and skirts because they were too long and I have had sleeves taken off of a romper because they were uncomfortable.  Anything is possible when it comes to fashion and choosing to alter a piece of clothing is my way of making something more me!


Katelyn Moshier

What I’m Wearing:

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