Pochette Metis

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A good handbag can change your outfit, in a good way obviously.  Recently I splurged a little on this beautiful Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis in Papyrus.  And I figured with such a large purchase I could do a review since before purchasing a new handbag it is always nice to see what other people think!

I have had my eye on this style bag for a while but never knew which color or print I wanted.  I also should mention that this style is not the easiest to locate.  It is often sold out online but can be purchased in stores.

In December, we went to Nashville and I saw the Noir leather version and I really started to like it.  I did not know that it came in other colors besides the monogram, so I was intrigued.  We recently went back to Nashville, and of course I had to see if they still had the noir leather, because I was ready to purchase.  Unfortunately they did not, but they did have other options! They had the monogram and the Papyrus.  I really struggled deciding which one I wanted, and these are the reasons why.

For me, I already own a monogram LV Neverfull and a monogram LV Favorite so purchasing another monogram handbag did not seem like the best idea.  Ultimately this is the reason that I went with the Papyrus but I do have some negatives on that color as well.

For the Papyrus color, it is Cowhide which means that you have to be more aware when using it in order for it to stay in good condition. Essentially you can mess it up easier especially when it comes to color transfer.  And on top of that it is more expensive than the monogram.  The monogram is canvas so it is easier to clean and take care of.

The reason I chose to go with the Papyrus color was simply because I love the style of the bag but have no desire to own another monogram LV, and I also have no purses that are similar in color.  I know I will have to take really good care of it but I feel as if I can do that!

Overall, I would have to say that this bag is pretty great.  It is larger than the typical cross body and it has the ability to transform by taking the strap off.  I also love the closure, I feel it makes it more secure than any other purse I own. It goes with everything, this will definitely be a bag I use often! Be sure to let me know if you want to see a What’s in my bag video so I can show all that it can fit inside!


Katelyn Moshier

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    1. I haven’t had any color transfer! But I’m super cautious about it and I haven’t really worn anything that would color transfer!

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