Sweaters and Dresses


As the weather cools down and we all break out our favorite bath and body works fall candles, eat pumpkin spice everything and begin to think of fall it also gets me thinking about sweaters.

Oh how I love a good comfy and cozy sweater.

Though it is still not quite cool enough everyday for big coats, heavy sweaters and over the knee boots, some days it has been cool enough for a light sweater.  Sweaters come in many shapes, weights, and sizes and I am in love with them all and so excited to start wearing them this fall.

So let’s talk about how to incorporate our favorite fall sweaters during this summer to fall transition. As I live in Alabama, the weather tends to do some crazy things. One day it may be 90 degrees and the next it will only be 65, so learning to dress for this weather is something I have been working on for years.  Adding a sweater to your favorite summer outfit to give yourself a little warmth is my new favorite thing and best suggestion during this transition of season.  My current favorite way to pair a sweater with my summer wardrobe is to throw it over a dress.  This way, not only do I get a little more wear out of my summer dresses, I also get to style them in a different way.  Recently, I have been tying up my sweaters to add more shape to my outfit. This way you can see more of the dress and I don’t get totally swallowed by my oversized sweater, as it is not quite cold enough for that.

There are so many ways to rock a sweater during this transition, and I can not wait to continue to share my other favorites over the next week.  Be sure to check back for my next sweater weather post soon.


Katelyn Moshier

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Sweater: Zara

Dress: Lulu’s

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