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If you ask me if I am a good cook, the answer will most likely be no followed with a laugh. But over the past couple of weeks I have really been enjoying making dinner at home instead of going out. This is all thanks to Blue Apron.

If you have never heard of Blue Apron it is a food delivery service, each box that arrives at your door is filled with 3 meals.  Each meal comes with a recipe card and the ingredients that will be needed to fix it, no need to measure anything out, which makes the cooking easier.  I figured that Jmo and I would try this out at least twice before I gave it a real review.  After two weeks I am hooked and we will be continuing to order Blue Apron for weeks to come.

The meals for this particular week were Spanish Style Eggs, Spicy Beef Tacos (my absolute favorite meal), and Marinated Beef Pitas.  I find myself to be a picky eater, I essentially hate most foods. Vegetables are a strict no, and anything that looks weird or I do not know how to pronounce is also out.  With Blue Apron you pick 3 out of 6 meals, so I tend to pick the ones with the least amount of foods that I dislike.  Since I am so picky, many of them tend to still have some veggies mixed in that I do not prefer, but over the past two weeks I have been adventurous and tried them.  Trying new foods is not something I do often but because of Blue Apron I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and try new foods.

Jmo and I typically eat out, we have our favorite restaurants and fast food places.  Being that we go out a lot, it tends to be extremely unhealthy. I would definitely say Chipotle more than 3 times a week is probably not good. I honestly do not think I could tell you the last time I ate this many healthy home cooked meals, at the least it was about 5 or 6 years ago. Blue Apron is $60 a week for 3 meals for 2 people which comes out to about $9.99 per serving per meal, I would say that is a pretty good deal considering unless you are at McDonalds getting Dollar Menu food you are spending more on Dinner.

Another exciting option that Blue Apron provides is Dietary Selections. This way if you are a vegetarian or can not eat specific meats all you have to do is select what you want and it will exclude the rest. For example, I will not eat Fish, no matter what it will not happen.  Because I have Fish not selected from my “What can you eat?” Blue Apron will not send me any recipes with Fish. How cool is that?

Overall I would highly recommend giving Blue Apron a try. For a terrible cook like me, I have been successful at all the meals, everything has turned out tasty and delicious and I am already looking forward to the box that will be arriving at my door today.


Katelyn Moshier

5 thoughts on “Cooking with Kmo & Jmo

  1. Nice article. One of my former co-workers got his meals through blue apron as well. Couple additional positives, less grocery waste and less time shopping. Glad you are eating healthier, saving money, and enjoying the journey of cooking. 😊

  2. Great article! Any chance you take Requests??? I just got engaged YAYYYYY! I’m stressing out over all the little details! Maybe a wedding planning post, or dress, or Food, or anything!!!! Keep it Up!

    1. Congrats on the recent engagement! This will be such a fun and exciting time in your life!! And I definitely plan to do some wedding posts in the upcoming weeks! I’m currently working on one now!

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