How to Feel Put Together at Home

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“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.”

– Oscar Wilde

Finding the time to appreciate the moments we have been given to slow down, spend time with our family, and reflect on our lives can be hard especially during difficult times.  Since our time is being spent at home, a bit more than usual I figured sharing a few tips for feeling “put together” at home could be beneficial.

While these five tips will never replace brunch with friends, traveling to adventurous places, and venturing to our favorite shops they have helped me cope better with the idea of staying home for long periods of time while still striving for productivity.

“Get Ready”

Clean hair completely changes my outlook on each day.  I have never washed my hair daily but I do try to make sure that my hair is “fixed” each day.  For me, this is simple but your way of getting ready can vary to whatever makes you feel put together. Try thinking in the realm of hair, makeup, or outfit.

Clean Space = Clean Mind

The way to my heart is a freshly vacuumed apartment.  During this time I have seen many people jump on the home renovation or organization bandwagon but I am talking in more simple terms.  Just straighten your space, make your bed, do laundry, dust, or vacuum.  In my opinion a clean space promotes a clean mind that can more easily be productive without distractions.


It wouldn’t be a normal post if I did not include at least one “fashion” aspect.  Co-ordinating lounge sets, tie-dye sweatpants, or matching athletic wear can make some of the biggest differences when you are trying to feel more put together.  I have linked some of my favorite options below.

Activity of the Day

Set out to accomplish at least one fun activity of the day.  A few things I have done include: bleach dying a sweatshirt, going for a walk, mounting my tv to the wall, and so much more.  It is easy to forget that you are allowed to enjoy this time and accomplish things you haven’t had time to in the past.


“Exercise build endorphins, endorphins make you happy…” 

– Legally Blonde

Exercise is not only great in helping you mentally feel better but you will also be bettering your health and fitness.  I have been loving at-home workouts for years but the ones I recently frequent are P.volve and Openfit.  Both are amazing and have so many options whether you have equipment at home or not.

What are some of your favorite ways to feel put together while staying at home?


Katelyn Moshier

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