Sleek and Chic Ponytail

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It started as a simple way to wear my hair while working out but has turned into a new favorite for every day.

Never in a million years would I have thought of myself as a sleek and sophisticated ponytail type person.  But, over the past couple of months I have been experimenting with this particular style and have perfected it to suit me.

What You Need

Hair Oil: Helping managing the unruly frizz or the dry ends, hair oil is the best way to have that sleek look without your hair looking greasy.  The Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Oil Serum is my personal favorite, I highly recommend.

Clear Hair Tie: When I first started trying out this hairstyle I was using black hair ties but I simply did not like how it looked.  Now I am using clear hair ties. It is less noticeable and keeps the sleek look in tact.

Fun Earrings: Not necessary but recommended.  This is the perfect time to show off your favorite earrings whether statement or simple.  Over the past week I have been excited to show of my new cartilage piercing while wearing my hair in this sleek ponytail. Wearing Haute Holly Mandala Statement Earrings

Reasons to Love this Look

Sleek. Chic. Sophisticated: Channeling my inner cool girl, there is something about this hairstyle that screams chic.  Maybe it is the fact it amplifies whatever you are wearing or the similarities to Olivia Palermo’s style.  But, whatever the reason I am obsessed.

Perfect for “bad hair day”: Day 3 (or 4) hair can be a struggle at times.  I have realized that this hairstyle can come in quite handy when you have no desire to wash/dry/style your hair.  And, no one would ever know you are on day 3 hair.

Simple: Have I mentioned how easy it is to accomplish this look? All you have to do is apply hair oil, push your hair behind your ears and then secure the ponytail with a clear hair tie.  Easiest hairstyle ever.

Taking inspiration from Olivia Palermo herself and the sleek, chic, and sophisticated style she puts forth on a daily basis I have realized that there is never a reason to stray away from any particular looks.  Whether a certain style does not seem very “you” it can not hurt to try it out if you like it.  Truthfully there is one key to always looking your best, you must be confident in whatever you wear and you will always look good.


Katelyn Moshier

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