The Importance of Self Care


With the introduction of Spring I tend to find myself reaching for color and pattern more than ever before…this was going to be the introduction today but I had a change of heart.  While I love bold colors and patterns and feel they bring a sense of confidence to my wardrobe that is essential, I did not feel like that was what I needed to talk about this week.

But this is.

Each Monday starts with a blog post, typically.  This week was different.  If you follow along on Instagram or YouTube you would know we recently moved into a different apartment AND celebrated Jmo’s 30th birthday all in the span of about 24 hours.  The excitement of moving and Jmo’s birthday meant I was lacking in the areas of the blog.

I had not taken time to sit down, write, and produce any noteworthy content.  Everything that ended up on my screen sounded dull, boring, and unimportant.  I started to think, why am I having such a hard time writing about bold patterns? It was a simple topic that I know and love.

Then I realized I could not remember the last time I took a day to do whatever I wanted.  No work, blog, YouTube, Instagram, or prior engagements.  While I refuse to ever complain about the “influencer” world there are times were inspiration and motivation are hard to find.  Sometimes no matter what your “job” may be it is good to take a step back and enjoy a day for yourself, hit the refresh button so you can come back fully charged and ready to take on the world.  Hence the reason we have vacations.

With all that being said, I am taking a minute for myself and hitting the refresh button on the blog so next week I will come back better than ever.  Self care is important for both mental and physical health and we could all use a day.  I encourage each and every one reading to do something for yourself today.  Read a book, go to Target (for fun), take a walk, whatever helps you take a deep breath and enjoy your day.

And I will be looking forward to creating more content and giving a little life back into kmoandjmo.


Katelyn Moshier

Photography: Lucky Arrow Photography

*using the word “influencer” lightly as I feel I have only dipped my feet into that world



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