It’s A Blog Birthday

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Today is the day, the day kmoandjmo turns 1!  In reality this past year has gone by the same amount of time as any other year but it seems like it went quicker than ever before. So many adventures and exciting moments happened since the start of the blog and I have been happy to share those experiences and outfits with you.

Last July I started the blog with the help of my husband and fun fact he actually came up with the name for the blog, can you believe that?  I wanted something unique but that also related to me and since there was no way I could start a blog without the help of Jmo it seemed fitting to include him.  If you did not know Jmo takes almost all of my photos (besides these, as my sister and mom were my personal photographers as we strolled the streets of Paris).  I do not know what I would do without his photography skills and computer skills.  Jmo completely figured out how to set up my website and continues to help me when I mess something up or just can not seem to figure out a new widget!

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As year two starts for kmoandjmo I am pleased to let you know there will be more blog posts than ever before.  In the first year I put out over sixty blog posts with content ranging  from wedding and travel to sneakers and midi skirts.  My biggest goal is to double the amount of content during the second year.  So be sure to let me know what kind of content you would love to see on kmoandjmo over the next year!

And while my blog has not made it big my any means I have had so many amazing things come from simply starting a blog.  Like working at Elitaire, which has been one of the best things to come my way.  Taking pictures of everything, which has now provided me with all these pictures of adventures and serve as a perfect way to remember fun times.  And of course learning new life lessons.  Honestly,  if I have learned anything from starting a blog it is that following your dreams is a lot of fun, never to do things that make you miserable, and live in the moment.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading along! I appreciate each and everyone of you who has read, liked, and commented on any post.  It really does mean the world to me! Love you all!


Katelyn Moshier

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Outfit Details (Dress: Elitaire Boutique; Shoes: Chanel)

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