The Perfect Playsuit


Spring is in full swing and Summer is right around the corner. As the weather warms we all start thinking about what to wear in the heat.  We all want something easy but not boring.  I instantly think a playsuit/romper.  I much prefer the term playsuit over romper, it just sounds more refined.  Whatever you call it, it can be the perfect outfit for Spring and Summer.

When it comes to a playsuit I prefer them to be a little longer.  Having a more conservative short is more flattering than one that is too high on the thigh. The one I am wearing is from Elitaire, and the brand is Finders.  I love the faux wrap dress style of this playsuit, it defines the waist without being snug on the body and the wider legged short is extremely flattering and it is the perfect length.

If you are looking for the the perfect playsuit try looking for the following:

Longer shorts, with a wider leg.  This will help keep the look conservative and easier to wear at more occasions.

High Necklines. When showing a lot of leg, it is sometimes better to be more conservative on the top.

Opt for a jumpsuit instead of a playsuit.  There will be some occasions where a playsuit will not be formal enough. And do not worry, a wide legged jumpsuit will still be breezy enough for Spring and Summer.

Try looking at boutiques instead of department stores. Boutiques tend to have more conservative options and more unique styles. Elitaire is my personal favorite, obviously.

Embrace what works best for you.  Trial and error is essential in finding styles that work best for your body.  You will never know how it looks unless you try it on.

Good luck in finding your perfect playsuit, I know I have found mine!


Katelyn Moshier

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