Holiday Red

Christmas decorations are up in our apartment and I have been feeling festive since Halloween.

I know most people are against decorations before Thanksgiving but I decided that my excuse was valid this year.  In order to put out amazing Christmas/Holiday content I need to be in the Holiday spirit which means Christmas trees, ornaments, and all things red as soon as possible!

Speaking of all things red, this adorable top from Elitaire is great for the Holiday season.  I have never really been a fan of wearing red, for some reason it just never seems to suit me.  But this red is perfect.  And because I have been feeling so festive, when Jmo picked out this top for me the first thing I thought was “This is a perfect day after Thanksgiving top”. Which, in Katelyn language means it is a great option to rock for the Holidays this year.

This particular one is from Elitaire, and the brand is C/MEO Collective which is an Australian brand and I love it.  Since this style may not be everyone’s cup of tea I have linked some other options below from Elitaire that I think would make amazing holiday sweaters and blouses.

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