A Rose Gold Sweater


Have you ever found an article of clothing and thought, “This is me in a piece of clothing”?

That is exactly how I feel about this sweater from Elitaire.  Not only does it have this blush look to it which we all know is my favorite.  It also has a rose gold sparkle to it.  And It is absolutely beautiful. What more could you need in a sweater?

The fade from cream to a gorgeous rose gold makes it look so unique and it goes perfectly with a pair of distressed jeans and some brown fringe booties.

This is one of those everyday Fall/Winter sweaters that could be worn with so many things. Easily dress it up with some trousers and heels for work or dress it down with some comfy leggings for a lazy day.  The possibilities are endless.

Winter is coming eventually and having a beautiful sweater for the upcoming holiday season is a must.  If this particular one is not your style do not fret, Elitaire has several options for all your holiday needs! Be sure to take a trip there or shop online here to find what you can add to your closet this Fall and Winter season.


Katelyn Moshier

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