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Bridesmaids are everything when it comes to a wedding.

They are the people that are guaranteed to show up on wedding day, look bomb in that beautiful dress you made them pay for, and be supportive of all decisions made.

In all seriousness, bridesmaids are so important.  They are willing to do so much in preparation for the wedding, attend your bridal showers, lingerie showers, bachelorette trip, pay for a lot of things, and be by your side on wedding day.  These ladies are to be cherished each an every single day, before, during, and after the wedding.

I love all of my bridesmaids so much.  Each of them is so different but so perfect.  I could not imagine my life without each of those ladies.  And because of this, I wanted to do my very best to shower them with as much as I could before the wedding.

How I Asked

As many of you know, the way to ask your friends to be a bridesmaid has really developed into this whole production over the years.  Being someone who could not make my mind up on what I wanted to do, I did a few things.

I had my sister paint each of my bridesmaids a canvas that said “I can’t say I do without you, will you be my Bridesmaid?” I thought this was such a cute and simple idea.  Each bridesmaid got a different color which I thought made it a little more special, making everyone’s slightly different.

Along with the canvas, I gave them each a box with some nail polish.  I tried to find all “wedding” named nail polishes, looking back I honestly can’t remember if I succeeded, but I definitely tried.

For those that were of drinking age I gave them an adorable bottle of wine that was Tiffany & Co. themed, it was this cute blue label that I printed out and placed on the bottle, that once again asked them to be my bridesmaid.

Lastly, along with the gifts I also included a cute little card with a special note, I felt like this added a nice little touch as well.

Bachelorette Trip

Bachelorette trips can be super exciting, and while it is definitely all about the Bride I still wanted to do something special for my Bridesmaids since they took time out of their busy lives to come hang out with me for a weekend.  I decided to give them each “Bachelorette Survival Kit” complete with all the items one might need and even an itinerary.

In each survival kit was some chapstick, gum, Shout stain removing wipes, Kleenex, Advil, Band-aids, make-up removing wipes, Team Bride tattoos, “I Do Crew” pink plastic cups, and some cute Bridesmaid hair ties.  Along with the survival kit I also gave them each a small bottle of wine with a label on it that read “Katelyn’s Bachelorette Weekend Nashville” that I got on Etsy and an adorable straw to match.

This was so in-expensive to accomplish, I found most of the items in the travel section at Target.  Some of the items like the gum, chapstick, and Kleenex I would get in a pack of 3 and just break it up into 3 separate bags which also helped save on money.  This is something that I not only did for my Bridesmaids but I also did something very similar for my friend, Haley’s Bachelorette trip.  Since I was her Matron of Honor, I felt like it would be something cool that I could do for not only the rest of her Bridesmaids but also her.

Wedding Day

Wedding day was quite simple.  Their gifts consisted of 3 things: A robe, personalized hanger, and a Bridesmaid Emergency Kit.  These were definitely the most expensive items but I feel like they were definitely worth it.  The robes I chose were from Plum Pretty Sugar.  I discovered this site through BHLDN because some of the robes they sell were from Plum Pretty Sugar and since I could not find exactly what I was looking for on BHLDN I popped over to Plum Pretty Sugar to do some shopping.

Although as a side note, I defiantly recommend BHLDN if you are getting married, they have so many cute items and decorations that are perfect for Wedding Day, along with Bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, shoes, and more.  I definitely purchased some cute things from there!

Back to the robes though, I found ones that were a gorgeous blush pink color with a lovely flower design along with a ruffle edge on the sleeves and bottom.  It was perfect and fit the wedding colors so well, and looked amazing in pictures. Not only did I get these for my Bridesmaids, I also got a matching one for our adorable Flower Girl.  She looked absolutely adorable with the Bridesmaids.

Since robes needs hangers, I choose to get each of my Bridesmaids a personalized wooden hanger.  I had been searching Pinterest and came across the best personalized wooden hanger from Fox Blossom.  These were so simple but I loved them, I felt like this was such a cute little gift to give to each of my Bridesmaids.  I also chose to only put their names on the hangers, that way they could continue to use the hangers in the future since were not directly related to my wedding.  The only ones that said anything other than a name were mine, which said Bride, my sister’s which said Maid of Honor, and Ava’s which said Flower Girl.

I loved showering my Bridesmaids with whatever I could.  I could not have made it through wedding planning or wedding day without them.  And even if I could have, I would not have wanted to.  I love each and every one of them so very much!

Much love for Brooke, Chelsea, Emma, Bryanna, Mikaela, Brooke, Haley, and Selena and my perfect little flower girl, Ava!


Katelyn Moshier

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  1. What is this Lingerie Party that I Keep hearing so much About??? I’ve never been to one, is this a new thing?

    1. It is like a bridal shower but instead of gifts on your registry your friends all bring you lingerie! Mine was super fun! We all just hung out, drank, ate, and had a good time!

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